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Fees are assessed in order to fund the highest quality care and learning program run by tertiary-qualified educators and well experienced assistants, using the best possible physical facilities and equipment, and including food. Harmony fees are based on age, not the group your child is enrolled in. Parents may apply for government subsidy of fees through Centrelink, Medicare, or the Australian Taxation Office. The amount of this Child Care Benefit (CCB) depends on gross family income and the number of dependent children. An additional rebate, which is included in the CCB, is available only for parents who are working, training, studying or looking for work and is income-related.

Fees are payable for bookings whether the child attends or not (i.e., during sickness, public holidays, family holidays etc.), and a refundable Holding Fee is held until termination of enrolment. Overtime rates after 6.00 p.m. are payable directly to the staff member on duty, and a 5 percent Late Payment Fee is charged on overdue accounts. An Annual Administration Fee covers setup of all paperwork and computer inputs.

Payments may be made by cheque, cash, Eftpos, direct debit, and internet transfer(see below).
Fees as at 2nd June 2008 without any government subsidy are*:
Child Ages Daily Full-Time
Under 3 years $74 $265
Over 3 years $65 $240

* NOTE: This website may not reflect the latest prices. For the latest price list, email Harmony.

Child Care Benefit Subsidy
Most families can apply for Child Care Benefit (CCB) over the phone with Centrelink. For more information go to: http://www.familyassist.gov.au

Harmony Child Learning Centre CRN 555-001-242X

Direct Debit (Internet) Fee Payment
More and more families are finding internet banking an easy and convenient way to pay for fees in Harmony. The details that you require are as follows:

Harmony BSB: 016350
Harmony account number: 499193947
Harmony account name: Harmony Child Learning Centre

All major banks will help you get started with internet banking. Most internet banking systems have a message or reference field.Please write as much of your child’s surname and first name that will fit in the reference field.

For accountability please treat direct debit the same as cash, cheque or eftpos payments and fill in one of our preprinted envelopes and put it in the Payment Box (in the front entry) dated when you made the transfer. If you able to print a receipt of your transfer, you can place it straight into the Harmony Payment Box without needing to write the information on a payment envelope. Alternatively you can email the receipt to info@harmonylearning.com.au

Payments will be credited against your child’s fees when the payment is cleared. Please allow 1 week.