Harmony Newsletter
15 December 2003

Dear Parents                                                                                       


This is the time of year when we thank you warmly for forming such strong bonds between you and your children and the Harmony carers. Your friendliness and feedback makes our life in Harmony so rewarding and fruitful.



Now is also when you and Harmony management can all show appreciation to the staff who help your children have fun, while at the same time learning to become happy and responsible big people. All the educators thrive on a hug and a “thank you”.


At the same time, we thank you, our wonderful parents and guardians, for entrusting your children to  our care. The commitment  to your children’s total wellbeing is taken to heart by everyone in Harmony, because we know how very very important are the early years.


The recent staffing in all age groupings is as follows:

Joeys (babies 6-18 months)                  Caroline/Ginette, Melissa, Sandy

Possums (1 ½ to 2 ½ years)                 Alisha, Teresa, Rachelle

Koalas (2 ½ to 3 ½ years)                    Brooke, Jeni, Erin

Bilbies (3 ½ years to school age)           Lyilyana/Judith, Yvonne/Gayle, Scott


Staffing in 2004 (allowing for at least one person to remain in each group, for continuity of care) is:

Joeys                            Caroline, Melissa, Jeni

Possums                       Lyilyana/Alisha, Sandy, Rachelle                                  

Koalas                         Brooke, Teresa, Erin,

Bilbies                          Josie (new Early Childhood Educator), Yvonne, Scott


We welcome you to introduce yourselves to next year’s staff and get to know them as partners in your children’s life.


Toni, our Cook, continues next year, as does Janet as Adminstrator and Robin as Manager. Yvonne is currently on 2 weeks annual leave, and all staff will be taking a well-earned rest during the 2-week closedown from 20 December to 4 January.


Closedown & re-opening

This Friday, 19 December, is our last day of operations this year and we close at 4.00 pm. If you are unable to arrange pick-up of your child by then, please arrange tell staff before Thursday, so that staffing for overtime (at overtime rates) can be organized for you).


Harmony re-opens at 7.30 am on Monday, 5 January, and we look forward to seeing most of you again then.



Much appreciated are the following very useful arts and crafts items from parents:

recycled A4 paper & large posters for drawing (Flynn’s mother); more large drawing paper

(Lachlan’s mother); photo frames & paper (Harry S’s mother); paint & paper (Holly’s mother).


We could really use lots and lots more recycled A4 paper, so if your office throws it away (and the printing is not confidential) we love to help save the trees and use it in many different ways in Harmony.



Regretfully we have found it necessary to raise fees slightly as from 5 January next year (just $1 a day), mainly because of the high costs of repairs and maintenance (especially during the recent building boom). New fees are as follows, before any CCB subsidy is deducted:

            Over 3 ½ years of age              $51 per day                  $180 per week

            Under 3 ½ years of age            $56 per day                  $203 per week