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Regular newsletters are just one of the ways Harmony keeps in touch with families and brings them up to date with exciting things going on, in the centre and the community. The information includes a summary of recent activities in all age groups, advance notice of special workshops for parents, and the latest child development research from overseas.

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Weekly email

Harmony has always written learning programs for each age group appropriate to their developmental level whether they are Joeys, Possums, Koalas, or Bilbies. They are prepared by our qualified educators and outline each week's planned activities for everyone to see. They have always been displayed on the wall in each group but we know that some of our busy parents may not have the time to read them during the hectic drop-off and pick-up times. Now Harmony will scan the Weekly Programs and send them electronically to those parents on our email list.

Weekly programs can be a great way to share the new activities that your child is experiencing during the day. These activities form the basis of learning and observations of children's development of skills, and most are able to be repeated at home on sick days or the weekends.

Harmony is also proud of the exciting and nutritious meals served by our cook and the special national dishes that are part of our multicultural festival. Each Weekly Menu is displayed on Monday in the foyer near the sign in/out book. Harmony will email this at the beginning of each week to help you plan your child's complementary dietary needs.

Sample Programs
Bilbies Summer program
Bilbies Winter program
Koalas Summer program
Koalas Winter program
Possums program
Possums program
Joeys program
Joeys program

Sample Menu
Weekly menu